Green Propulsion Engine 

How Our Technology Works

Team Manastu, along with the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT Bombay), has indigenously developed a hydrogen peroxide based green propulsion technology. In satellites and spacecraft, propulsion is achieved through a thruster. Our thruster works on the principles of a rocket engine. The key difference is that of the propellant, and hence the internal thruster design. Our thruster uses a hydrogen peroxide with additives to enhance the performance (HPA).

Hydrogen peroxide undergoes catalytic decomposition, releasing water vapour, oxygen and heat. At higher temperatures, additives combusts in the presence of oxygen, generating even higher temperature.

A crucial component governing the performance and life of a thruster is the catalyst. Manastu Space has invented a proprietary high temperature catalyst which can effectively decompose hydrogen peroxide, withstand high temperatures and thermal stresses.

Advantages of HPHC Green Propulsion Over Existing

30% Weight Saving

     30% weight reduction in propulsion        system due to higher performance

40 Times Less Toxic

Non carcinogenic and reduced toxicity helps reduced cost of operations by 60% 

25% Higher Performance

Use of hydrocarbon overcomes the earlier disadvantage of the hydrogen peroxide

Simplicity and Reliability

Due to monopropellant system, number components reduces drastically allowing greater reliability

Resurgence of Hydrogen Peroxide

Apart from the advantages of higher performance and lower toxicity, hydrogen peroxide has an added advantage of space heritage. In the pre-hydrazine era, hydrogen peroxide was extensively used in satellite and rocket technology. Due to its low performance and unreliable catalyst of the hydrazine, hydrogen peroxide was eventually phased out. Due to the need of safe alternative to highly toxic hydrazine, advancements in the materials and catalysts, hydrogen peroxide is re-emerging. One other reason of resurgence of the HP is extensive test data, detailed properties and space heritage. Storability of the highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide has been proven time and time again.

Areas Of Applications

Green propulsion technology can be used in large number of applications. Some of the very common applications are

Satellite Propulsion

Lander Propulsion System for Interplanetary Missions

Reaction Control System
For Rockets And Missiles

Launch Vehicle
Propulsion System

Liquid Apogee Motor for Satellites